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                                  Terhab Sharjah Residence
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                                Terhab Hotel & Residence (Sharjah)

                                Terhab Hotel & Residence

                                Terhab Hotel & Residence comprises of twin towers of 30 & 40 floors.

                                'Terhab Residences' consists of 294 furnished apartments with Hotel services, as follows:

                                • 03?????? Studios
                                • 45?????? One Bedrooms Apartment
                                • 161???? Two Bedrooms Apartment
                                • 85?????? Three Bedrooms Apartment

                                Terhab Residence" offer the premium elegant lifestyle, which encounters the luxury in an integrated community that provides a great investment opportunities and exceptional living standard.

                                Whether your goal is for living or an investment "Terhab Residence" provides you with the best option, reasonable prices, integrated services and distinctive location in the new “Al Khan” area in Sharjah.

                                Terhab Hotel

                                Your home at “Terhab Residence” will be extremely special as it combines "Terhab" hospitality experience, where the focus is on all the details of the hospitality and hotel services and the exceptional standards of “Manazil Real Estate” which aims at creating a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle in a clean and safe environment.

                                Living at "Terhab Residence" enables you to get "Terhab Club" membership, which permits you to experience the taste of high-end facilities at "Terhab Residence" which include a fully equipped gyms with saunas and steam rooms and temperature controlled swimming pools.

                                Numerous hotel facilities will also be accessible to the owners at “Terhab Residence” such as five star “On request - A la Carte” room service from various luxurious restaurants in the hotel, housekeeping as well as valet parking and car rentals.

                                Our prestigious property owners will also benefit from our stress-free leasing program, managed by “Terhab."

                                Your choice of studio, one, two or three bedroom furnished apartments will inevitably touches the impeccable interior design and lavish furnishing you are looking for. The magnificent welcoming lobby personified luxury all around from the moment you come into "Terhab Residence”.

                                Deliberate selection of all the interior furnishings for the apartments features sophistication and comfort, starting right from the stylish sitting room in harmonious colors to the elegant bedrooms which are furnished according to the latest designs to reflect the highest standard of style and luxury.

                                Your home at “Terhab Residence” is spacious, stylish and contemporary with creativity elements and displays local artistic designs that combines modernity and traditional signatures. It also infused a distinct Middle Eastern touch inspired by the legacy of comfort and relaxation in traditional Arab hospitality.

                                The quality and range of the interior furnishings and technical systems are prudently selected according to the highest international hotel standards.

                                Our fully equipped health clubs offers an everyday amount of well-being and relaxation.

                                A separate swimming pools for women and men are in place, each of which include sauna and steam rooms in addition to a sophisticated gyms equipped with the latest sports equipment.

                                Contact Information

                                Mohanad Al AIi +971 502775144
                                Asma Al Hashmi +971 565770835
                                Tareq Sultan : +971 56 5770832

                                Sharjah Location

                                Located on the Al Taawun Road in the Emirate of Sharjah, the project is just a few minutes away from the vibrant Emirate of Dubai

                                Al Khan Beach - 300m
                                Expo Centre Sharjah - 700m
                                Al Qasba Canal - 900m
                                Al Arab Mall - 900m
                                Sharjah City Centre - 3km
                                Sahara Mall - 4km
                                Dubai - 5km
                                Dubai International Airport - 10km
                                Sharjah University? - 12km
                                Sharjah International Airport - 15km

                                1ST FLOOR PLAN

                                Floor Plan 01 FLAT-01 FLAT-02 FLAT-03 FLAT-04 FLAT-07 FLAT-08 FLAT-09 FLAT-10

                                2ND FLOOR PLAN

                                Floor Plan 02 FLAT-201 FLAT-202 FLAT-203 FLAT-204 FLAT-205 FLAT-206 FLAT-207 FLAT-208 FLAT-209 FLAT-210 FLAT-211

                                3RD FLOOR PLAN

                                Floor Plan 03 FLAT-301 FLAT-302 FLAT-303 FLAT-304 FLAT-305 FLAT-306 FLAT-307 FLAT-308 FLAT-309 FLAT-310 FLAT-311

                                4TH TO 12TH FLOOR PALN

                                Floor Plan 04 FLAT-01 FLAT-02 FLAT-03 FLAT-04 FLAT-05 FLAT-06 FLAT-07 FLAT-08 FLAT-09 FLAT-10

                                13TH FLOOR PLAN

                                Floor Plan 05 FLAT-01 FLAT-02 FLAT-03 FLAT-04 FLAT-05 FLAT-06 FLAT-07 FLAT-08 FLAT-09 FLAT-10

                                14TH FLOOR PLAN

                                Floor Plan 06 FLAT-01 FLAT-02 FLAT-03 FLAT-04 FLAT-05 FLAT-06 FLAT-08 FLAT-09

                                15TH TO 24TH FLOOR PLAN

                                Floor Plan 07 FLAT-01 FLAT-02 FLAT-03 FLAT-04 FLAT-05 FLAT-06 FLAT-07 FLAT-08 FLAT-09 FLAT-10

                                25TH TO 31ST FLOOR PALN

                                Floor Plan 08 FLAT-01 FLAT-02 FLAT-03 FLAT-04 FLAT-05 FLAT-06 FLAT-07 FLAT-08

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